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Writing a new ManageIQ OpenStack Event Monitor

This article focuses on writing an Event Monitor class in ManageIQ project for a new arbitrary event service. Let's imagine a situation that none of supported event-providing services (AMQP, Ceilometer, Panko) is suitable to given use case and a new one needs to be implemented. In this article, it will be called http_monitor which should fit to most of HTTP-based event providing services. Where to start Source code responsible for event monitoring feature is located at https://github.

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ManageIQ and Openstack Events

This article describes how Events from OpenStack telemetry are used in ManageIQ cloud management tool. There are multiple telemetry technologies in OpenStack, but this article focuses on TripleO / RHOS distribution. Introduction An OpenStack Event is a short mesage basically including timestamp, event-type and payload. The payload typically contains more detailed information about objects which the Event is related to (e.g. VM UUID for compute.instance.reboot event). Purpose of capturing Events from OpenStack is to

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ManageIQ and Openstack

This is an introduction to a short article serie dedicated to ManageIQ/OpenStack integration. ManageIQ is a cloud management tool which allows user to control IT infrastucture from single web UI even it runs on different cloud or on-premise technologies. Supported platforms include RHV, OpenStack, VMware, AWS, Azure etc. OpenStack is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service software. So it can take hardware machines in your datacenter, set it up, manage it and provide virtual compute, storage and networking resources on top of that.

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